Welcome to the Lab


Welcome to the edSocialMedia Lab!
All of the content that you see on this site is created by people just like you—educators who see social media as a new and exciting field. The blog posts, videos, tweets, and pictures are taken during our ESM Bootcamps and archived here as a public resource. Please feel free to hold on to your log in information and use this as a sandbox!

What does the day look like?
This full-day workshop provides an in-depth, hands-on introduction to social media technology. Participants working with the tools to create content learn how to apply social media to their own outreach.

Your Mission:
- generate a minimum of 8 tweets spread out over two hours posted to #edsocialmedia

- write two, well crafted articles for the blog (between 450 – 750 words)

- create a photoset in Flickr of 10 photos

- post a brief (around 2 minutes) video for YouTube

You can find inspiration in the “What’s Cooking” section.